A Journey Into Home Education

The Other Path is a celebration of choosing a different way to educate your children. You chose another path. One that starts at home. One that creates a beautiful, abundant life together. One that embraces the adventure of it all. Together, we will explore what home education can look like and share stories to both inspire and reassure you along the way. So sit back, relax and dive on in.


Self Care For The Journey

Now, we chose a path that allows us to live, work & learn together. Don't get me wrong, we each have our own interests, projects &...

The Madness I Call My Office

I often find myself sitting at my desk with a child on my shoulders as I try typing onto my computer. I’ll try reading a document with...

The Hunt

Last year in lockdown, for the first time, Liz and I discussed the possibility of a project such as The Other Path and I decided to have...


"The only impossible journey is the one you never begin."

Tony Robbins